Q. What is your background and what are you involved in at the university?
A. Hi! My name is Alex Duarte and I am a 3rd year Computational and Applied Math major from the small town of Douglas, Arizona. On campus I work as student coordinator for the CCSS, am a lead mentor in the Maroon Mentors program, and am the proud RA of Chamberlin House. I greatly enjoy each of these roles in which I get to be a resource to help other students feel at home here on campus. 
Q. What is your advice to first year college students?
A. My advice to first-year students right now is just to remember that you deserve to be here and that no matter even if it really feels like it, you aren’t the only one struggling right now. Things are hard right now, so don’t be afraid to get help and take advantage of resources that are available to you. You can do this!”
– Interview by Eseme Segbefia