Can you introduce yourself and your background?

Hi! My name is Esela Segbefia and I am a third-year majoring in Public Policy. I am pursuing a career in Private Equity. I am originally from the Bronx, New York, though my family immigrated from Ghana, Africa. At the university, I am a student coordinator at the Center for College Student Success where I help other FLI students. I am also involved with Women in Business and the Trott Business Program.

What are the greatest challenges you’ve faced and what advice do you have to overcome them?

The greatest challenge that I have faced at the university is balancing my work with my mental health. Sometimes, I want to excel so greatly in both my classes and career goals that I often sacrificed sleep or downtime to do so. This led to me being very stressed and my mental health suffered as well. My advice for you is to manage your time properly. When you time manage, it is important not only to include the work that you have to get done related to your academics and career goals but also to include time for your social and personal life. This has helped me significantly during my time at the university.

What are your goals now and after college?

My goals for college this year is to finish my specialization for my major. Right now, I am specializing in impact investing. I want to research ways to improve public and private sector relationships to build entrepreneurial ecosystems in disadvantaged communities. I am currently looking for internships and jobs in this field as well. Thank you for interviewing me!

Interview by: Eseme Segbefia