As part of the University of Chicago’s commitment to support students, the Center for College Student Success (CCSS) and Student Support Services (SSS) established the UChicago First-generation, Low-income, Immigrant (FLI) Network.


The FLI Network connects students, faculty, administrators, and alumni who identify as first-generation, lower-income, or immigrant (regardless of immigration status), and allies with the goal of creating a community of support.  The FLI Network creates opportunities for members to learn from one another. It fosters a sense of belonging, inclusion, and resilience in students in order to help them succeed at the University of Chicago.


First-generation: Usually defined as a student whose parents haven’t completed a bachelor’s degree. Grad and professional students who were the first in their families to complete a college degree are considered first-generation.

Lower-income: There is no single number we provide to determine socioeconomic status. Students with little to no family contribution or limited financial means often self-identify as low-income.

Immigrant: Individuals who were born abroad, and have made the U.S. their home country. We welcome anyone who identifies as an immigrant regardless of immigration status, including refugees, TPS holders, members of mixed-status families, and DACAmented or undocumented individuals.